We have one established internship at our Abingdon office. Unfortunately we have limited opportunities for internships at our other branches due to the client-based nature of our work. However, we do hope to be able to offer more internships as the company grows over the coming years.

University of Oxford – Undergraduate Physics

Each year, we host one summer internship for 12-16 weeks at our Abingdon office. The internship is arranged, and the intern is selected, through our direct links with the physics department at the University of Oxford.

The placement provides a valuable insight into working with professional technical consultants to analyse complex problems and deliver cutting edge solutions. You will get first-hand experience of commercial software development on real projects for our clients. You will also spend time shadowing our consultants as they meet with clients for both pre-sales and project related meetings. This is a really good opportunity to not only see inside our company at work, but also our clients, offering a much broader work experience than you might expect.

We look for individuals with strong problem solving, software development and communication skills. If you are a physics undergraduate at the University of Oxford and would like to be considered for the internship, please contact the physics department directly.