We have a three stage selection procedure

1. Evaluating Applications

We carefully review and assess the applications we receive to decide which candidates to invite to a first interview. A range of factors are taken into account, but the main ones we consider are described below. If you do not fit these selection criteria, then you may not be suitable for the positions we are seeking to fill.

Academic Achievements

The key to Tessella’s success is our people. Tessella consultants stand out as high achievers, domain specialists and technical experts. We are all scientists and engineers who love problem solving. We are looking for applicants with a good honours degree (minimum 2.1 / GPA 3.5) from a high ranking university. Your degree should be in a scientific or numerate subject (e.g. physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, engineering, etc). This is important because you will need to truly understand our clients’ business problems and the key to solving them is deep domain understanding combined with technical skills.

We value PhDs – over half of our employees have them. The problem solving skills gained during academic research play a vital part in understanding our customers’ requirements and translating them into practical solutions.

Technical Skills / Computing Experience

Most of our graduate positions require some programming experience. We mainly work with object-oriented languages on a range of platforms and tools to fit with individual client and project needs. You must enjoy learning new things – you may be assigned to a project using an unfamiliar programming language, but by the end of the project you may have become an expert in it.


Key to a successful career at Tessella is the ability to learn new skills and apply existing transferable skills to new areas. Tessella consultants do not get to choose which projects they work on, so somebody with a physics background could be assigned to a project in life sciences – but this variety and constant learning are what our staff enjoy. You must be comfortable working on projects in all of our key sectors: life sciences and pharmaceuticals, energy (including oil & gas and nuclear), the public sector (including space and defence) and consumer goods.

Other Attributes

We also require our staff to have good communication and interpersonal skills so they represent Tessella well in front of our clients.

2. First Interview

For UK candidates, first interviews are usually held in our Abingdon office, regardless of the office you have applied to. This is where our Head Office and the Recruitment Team is based. If travel to the Abingdon office is more than ~2 hours then we would arrange to hold the interview by telephone. For US and NL candidates, we always aim to hold the first interview by telephone.

The first interview takes about an hour and is conducted in a fairly relaxed manner. The discussion will centre around your CV / resume, looking at your background and skills as well as your future career plans and how they might fit with Tessella. Our interviewers have technical backgrounds and are able to hold reasonably in-depth conversations about your academic projects and technical skills.

The first interview is also an opportunity for you to learn more about Tessella and the career opportunities we have on offer. We will also answer any questions you may have.

Candidates should hear the result of the first interview within one to two weeks.

3. Second Interview

The second interview is an opportunity for you to see what it would be like to work at Tessella. The interview usually lasts a whole day in our Abingdon office (for UK and NL candidates) or Boston office (for US). For our graduate and postgraduate roles, the bulk of the day is spent writing an example program, working in our normal office environment. As well as measuring your technical abilities, the programming exercise shows us how you approach a new and unfamiliar problem, and the steps you take to solve it. There is no pass or fail mark; we are assessing potential based on our expectations of you, given your background.

Throughout the day, you will be taken to lunch by one of our project managers and shown a demonstration of one of our current projects. We also ask you to prepare in advance a short presentation to deliver to a senior manager.

Candidates should expect to hear the result of the second interview within a week, hopefully to offer you a job.